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Optoelectronics, LEDs

Light Source is any object that emits energy in the visible light spectrum. In this section, you can find products and information on various options for light-emitting diodes with small, medium and high power from leading manufacturers. In addition, here are the catalogs about LED strip, secondary optics, the diffusers, LED-driver and radiators. Moreover, you will find the associated services - production of printed circuit boards and automatic mounting.

Lighting engineering

Cables, Connectors


Mainboard connectors are designed for integration of printed circuit boards among themselves. Distinctive features of this kind of connector is the absence of stringent requirements for performance IP, ease of installation, etc. Reliable data transfer between the circuit boards of products directly depends on the quality of installation of the connector on the printed circuit boards, and the design of the contacts in the connectors. Without proper connection between the boards, even the most reliable components on the boards do not provide adequate functionality of the device. That is why the quality of the connectors cannot be neglected when choosing components. Because the electronics is the science about contacts.


Power Supplies

Power supply of electronic equipment is a power electronics device, which is a part of electronic equipment and converts the input power to harmonize its parameters with input parameters of components of electronic equipment (Russian national standard GOST R 52907-2008).

Power supply can be linear (parametric) or pulsed (transducer) according to the principle of building of circuit engineering. As a rule, modern power supplies are built under the scheme conversion type, and are characterized by a higher efficiency and better weight and size parameters towards linear.

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AC / DC Power Supplies
DC / DC voltage converters
Network Adapters

Piezoelectric devices, filters

Piezoelectric devices convert mechanical energy into electrical energy or vice versa based on the piezoelectric effect. Such devices include quartz resonators, oscillators, filters transducers, microphones, etc.

Quartz resonators are electronic components, which are based on a piezoelectric element, which is made of quartz crystals. Quartz resonators can be of different design, different shapes and sizes, have different package types - ceramic, plastic, metal, but they are all intended to stabilize the oscillation frequency in electronic devices.

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Quartz Oscillators
Quartz Resonators


Source Photonics Company is a leading provider of optical communication products used in telecommunication systems and data networks. The Company develops, manufactures, and sells a variety of optical communication products, including passive optical fibers network, or PVA, subsystems, transceivers used in enterprises, local and regional market segments, as well as other optical components, modules and subsystems. In particular, the Company's products include optical subsystems that used in the placement of the optical fiber to the building, or FTTP, which is used by many telecommunications providers to ensure the transmission of video, audio and data.

Products of Source Photonics Company enables telecommunications service providers to provide broadband transmission of video, audio and data, allowing to keep up with the times in the development of telecommunications networks, as well as to develop and modernize these networks more economically and efficiently.

Vertically integrated world business model and research in the field of optical design allows the company to rapidly develop leading Source Photonics, high-performance fiber optic components and subsystems. Research, design and technical team provides the use of innovative capacity, together with 325 engineers and researchers from North America, China and Taiwan, which have basic technical knowledge, starting with the construction of optoelectronic devices, optical subsystems and modules, and ending on the development of knowledge production process. With a total of about 4,000 employees, mainly in Taiwan and in the general part of China, with the presence of the main office in California and the international sales department, provided by regional offices and distributors, the location of Source Photonics is a very convenient way for further growth in the global market of transceivers. Source Photonics factories to develop and manufacture products are located throughout the world.

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